/slash 2017 – Day 9: Female Trouble

Female Trouble
USA 1974
Written by John Waters
Directed by John Waters
Watched on 29.09.2017

As already indicated in my review for “Pink Flamingos”, as pleasantly surprised I was by how much I enjoyed that one, as disappointed I was to note how little use I had for John Waters’ follow up, “Female Trouble”. Yes, it was less about blatant shock value and followed a more satirical approach – which in general should be more my cup of tea – but somehow, it never really managed to grip me. I liked the inherent criticism of the mass media, as well as society in general, especially in regards to our fascination with crimes, serial killers and so on. But apart from that, I didn’t really know what to do with it. I found it to be considerably less funny – and entertaining – than “Pink Flamingos”. I was bored pretty much from the get-go, didn’t really care about any of the characters, and the story never managed to grip me either. I also liked Divine better in “Pink Flamingos”, even though she’s really good here too. And apart from her, the acting once again wasn’t all that great. Granted, there were a couple of nice ideas and good moments, and as said before, I like the message it entails. However, “Female Trouble” mostly misses the all-out craziness, the absurdity and the anarchistic charm of “Pink Flamingos”, which to me made it less funny, interesting and entertaining, and thus ultimately inferior.


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