/slash 2017 – Day 10: Zombiology – Enjoy Yourself Tonight

Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight
Hong Kong | China 2017
Written by Nick Cheuk
Directed by Alan Lo
Watched on 30.09.2017

“Zombiology” was ok. Despite a couple of unusual ideas, he doesn’t really bring anything new to the zombie-table. It takes a while to really get going (even though, for once, this was a Chinese movie that actually was considerably shorter than two hours, you still would have been able to trim this to 90 minutes with losing anything essential), a couple of plot developments are rather clichéd and thus predictable, the closer we get to the end the more melodramatic it all gets (after a mostly humorous beginning), and at the end it tries rather ham-fistedly to convey an oh-so-profound message. Furthermore, I once again had problems with the combination of serious and silly elements (like the “chicken”, for example). That’s simply a mix that rarely works for me. However, “Zombiology” is mostly entertaining, especially during the middle part, which not only offered some really gripping scenes, but even a couple of very effective emotional moments. It was well shot, the acting was ok, and it had a couple of cool scenes and ideas, and even though for me, the middle part is its highlight, I nevertheless also quite liked the showdown. Overall, it’s nothing special, but if you want to enjoy yourself tonight, you definitely could do way worse than watching this.


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