Before I start with my recount of the /slash-1/2 film festival, a short update about my blog, with some announcements:

1.) As you can already see, I decided to switch to english for this blog (thus, it’s now called “A life in 24 fps”). As of now, I use this blog mostly for short reviews of movies that I see at film festivals (/slash and Viennale). Since many of those didn’t have a worldwide release yet, my short reviews may be of interest for international readers too. Also, it a) helps my command of the english language, b) allows me to go ahead and copy my blog-reviews directly to my letterboxd-account (and vice versa), and c) makes possible cooperations with fellow bloggers like Kalafudra and Maynards Horror Movie Diary easier.

2.) Unfortunately, my 5-movie-day at the Viennale put a stop to my Viennale blog for last year, which went surprisingly smoothly until then. Thus, no reviews for “I used to be darker” (which is a nice little indie-drama that really spoke to me, and which was my highlight of the festival until then), “PardĂ©” (Not my kind of movie AT ALL. I was bored to death by it) and “Locke” (Ok, but nothing special). I did write long reviews for fictionBOX – in german – for “Only Lovers Left Alive” and “Blue Is The Warmest Color”, though. Anyway, sorry about that. I’ll try to do better this year.

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