Slash 1/2 2014 – Day 1: You and the Night, The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears, Dracula 3D

You and the Night:
A little too weird for my taste, and it took me a while to really find my way into the film and settle in, but once I did I started to enjoy it. Also: Great performances all around, and I loved the surreal sets, which sometimes looked like something straight out of a theatre. Also: It was unlike anything that I’ve ever seen before in the cinema. I probably won’t watch it again, and would recommend it only for those with a taste for the very weird and surreal, but I don’t regret seeing it. 5/10

The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears:

A couple of pretty images can’t make up for a totally incomprehensible, nonsensical plot. And that is, sadly, all that I have to say about this movie. 2/10

Dracula 3D:

It actually starts of rather nice, with some very moody scenes. I also loved it’s old-fashioned style and the score (which, however, doesn’t always fit the movie; it probably works better on its own than in connection with the pictures). I also liked the use of 3D, especially in scenes like the beginning, where the camera moves through the town. Rutger Hauer was great, and Argento cast three really beautiful ladies (one of them, of course, his own daughter Asia) which are a pleasure to look at. Unfortunately, after a promising start, it get’s trashier and trashier. The CGI-effects range from servicable to abysmal (the spider, the werewolf-transformation, the praying mantis), Kretschmann chews the scenery without ever actually being convincing and/or charming in the role, and the script (especially the dialogue) was just awful. Plus: With almost two hours, it’s simply too long, and already starts to get tiresome at the 1-hour-mark, stretching and stretching until the movie-goer may think he’s Draculy himself, caught in eternity. The finale was great again; but it took the movie way too long to get there.

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