The Expendables 3

(Aside: I know I still owe you five /slash reviews, but I attended one of my very rare press screenings today, and afterwards was asked to write a short review in english for the distributor. Which, obviously, I did right away, and since it’s now done anyway and it’s simply a matter of copy and paste to post it here, I decided to do just that.)

While not as crazy and fun as the second one, “The Expendables 3” still offers solid action entertainment that, like it’s predecessors, relies mostly on nostalgia. It is a tad too long, the targeted PG-13 rating hurts the movie consiberably (since the action doesn’t quite pull the same punch that we’ve come to expect from this series), the action, while way better shot than by Stallone himself in the first one, isn’t quite as clear as I would like, and the showdown is a random mess of bullets, hand-to-hand combat and massive explosions, cobbled together without any of the finesse and style that distinguished those classic 80s action movies that “The Expendables 3” tries so hard to emulate. But with a renowned cast that, apart from the veterans of this series, also includes Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford and a scene-stealing Antonio Banderas, as well as a star-making turn by Ronda Rousey (who needs her own action vehicle, stat!), Patrick Hughes solid direction, a rousing score by Brian Tyler, a couple of gloriously over-the-top moments, and some funny lines, “The Expendables 3” should manage to adequately entertain its action-hungry core audience.
6/10 (which I might elevate to 7/10 for the uncut home video release).

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