What is it with me and film festivals? As long as they’re going, I’m sufficiently motivated to keep the reviews coming, but as soon as they’re over, all that pressure seems to evaporate into nothingness. Thus, after the Viennale (where the Sunday where I saw 5 movies back to back destroyed me; that I went back to work on the next day didn’t help), I now also lost the momentum when I wrote about the /slash-1/2-festival. Thus, I thought that a short lifesign/update would be in order:

1.) The five missing reviews from the /slash filmfestival 1/2 will be coming within the next two weeks (this years “full” /slash filmfestival is already around the corner, after all!)
2.) As a reminder: For the duration of 2014, this blog will be in “prototype”-mode. While I don’t wanna rule out the possibility that I may wanna chime in on 2-3 things before the year is over, for now, this blog is primarily for short reviews of the movies that I see at film festivals. Thus, I recommend to check back during the /slash filmfestival (September 18th – 28th) and the Viennale (October 23rd – November 6th), but don’t expect too many new posts before, in between, and after.
3.) As you may have already noticed, I decided to go “all in” and register the domain “”, which now is the main address of this blog. While the old one ( will keep working, I’d recommend to update your bookmark accordingly.

That’s all for now. Next up: Reviews for “Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon”, “Der Samurai”, “The Raid 2: Berandal”, “Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead” and “Under the Skin”.

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