/slash 2017 – Day 6: 68 Kill

68 Kill
USA 2017
Written by Trent Haaga, based on the novel by Bryan Smith
Directed by Trent Haaga
Watched on 26.09.2017

“68 Kill” actually started off really well. Yes, of course it’s totally over the top, but for a while, I really liked it. AnnaLynne McCord was awesome as this crazy, wild, untamable whirlwind who sets her eyes on 68 grand, dragging her boyfriend – who is completely out of his depth – along. Also, the way the characters are totally over the top makes it clear that we’re not supposed to take this too seriously. Anyway, I was really well entertained for a while, especially during the robbery, and later on during Chip’s flight with Violet (I didn’t care all that much about the previous visit to Liza’s brother, which went into territory that – even in such a clearly tongue in cheek-movie – I found impossible to laugh about). What’s more, despite the fact how over the top they were, “68 Kill” actually managed to make me care about the characters. However, it all went completely downhill for me once they offed a certain character. I’m more than tired when it comes to this stylistic device, and the fact that it was pretty much the only one on the whole ensemble that I actually liked didn’t help matters either. After that, I just couldn’t care less about what was happening to the rest of them. I’m also extremely critical concerning the message this movie, once again, conveys: You’re only a real man when you’re tough – which in this case seems to mean to not fret it and just go ahead and kill a bunch of people if you have to (or simply feel like it). Even in a tongue in cheek-film like this one I had a hard time accepting that. How about a sensitive man who is actually allowed to stay that way, and where that is actually seen as a gift? Boy, wouldn’t that be something. Thus, in the last half hour, the movie unfortunately lost me completely. Which, given how much fun I had with it before that, is really a crying shame.


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