/slash 2017 – Day 5: Cult of Chucky

Cult of Chucky
USA 2017
Written by Don Mancini
Directed by Don Mancini
Watched on 25.09.2017

Confession time: Prior to this screening, I have never seen a Chucky-film in my entire life. It didn’t do it on purpose, it just never happened, and in recent years when I started to catch up on some classic horror franchises (like “Halloween”, “Friday the 13th” and the “Nightmare”-series), other ones just seemed more important (and urgent) to me. However, since I really liked “Cult of Chucky”, it probably won’t be long until I finally catch up on the films that came before. Now, I’m fairly certain that long-time fans of the franchise are going to enjoy this even more than I did. Personally, it seemed to work well enough on its own, and I never felt lost, but obviously without knowing the backstory there’s certainly some things that I missed out on. Which didn’t bug me, but I also don’t rule out that with said foreknowledge, I would have liked (and rated) it even higher. What I liked were the jokes and the nice, brutal and occasionally original kills. When it comes to slasher or splatter movies, I either want them serious and clearly on the side of the supposed victims (“Halloween”), or with their tongue firmly in their cheek (“Friday the 13th – Part 6”, which is probably my favorite of the entire series). “Cult of Chucky” actually kinda does both, since even we’re occasionally supposed to cheer on Chucky, Nica clearly is the protagonist we’re supposed to root for. I liked the setting in the psychiatric ward, the humor, the one-liners, the cool practical effects with which they realized Chucky, and the ending. I also was, once again, taken aback to see how much Fiona Dourif resembles her father (she seems less like and offspring and more like a gender-swapped clone). Granted, the movie was more entertaining than thrilling, and definitely more comedy than horror. Also, not every gag hit home. And once again, it might just have been a tad too long. Overall, though, I had fun with it.


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