/slash ½ 2017 – Day 3: Krasue Krung Khon (The Dwarves Must Be Crazy)

The Dwarves Must Be Crazy
Thailand 2016
Written by Bin Bunluerit
Directed by Bin Bunluerit
Watched on 07.05.2017

I really wanted to like this one. And the first couple of minutes seemed promising. I liked the basic idea behind the movie, the setting, the dwarf-protagonists, and their village looked very idyllic. It was rather well shot, with some nice visual, impressive landscapes, and a cool score. And the first appearance of the ghosts was a really cool moment, and made me laugh out loud in the best “What the fuck?”-kind of way. Unfortunately, it turns out that apart from the dwarves as leads as well as the setting, it’s quite unimaginative. It felt to me like they had this one basic idea for this movie – but not much else, and decided to get the cameras rolling anyway. The same gags and ideas (like the pyramid) get repeated time and again, until they not only lose their appeal, but actually start to get annoying. It also feels less like an actual movie and more like an incoherent mess of random scenes. Apart from a couple of funny bits, the humor mostly didn’t speak to me. I also got the feeling that here and there, things got lost in translation. And the ending was rather abrupt, and felt more like a discontinuation than a conclusion. Ultimately, despite the intriguing setup and a couple of nice ideas, it simply wasn’t quite crazy and entertaining enough for me. Or, as Trump would say: Too bad!


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