/slash ½ 2017 – Day 3: Nova Seed

Nova Seed
Japan/Canada 2017
Written by Joe DiLiberto & Nick DiLiberto
Directed by Nick DiLiberto
Watched on 06.05.2017

It’s difficult to give this one a fair shake. I mean, obviously, it can’t compete with Disney, Ghibli, and so on. And if you take into consideration that it’s pretty much a one-man-job, it’s quite impressive. That doesn’t change the fact, though, that it feels a little half-baked. The animation was actually quite cool, and the thing that impressed me the most (mostly because of the fact that it was all done by one guy). But the story was rather sketchy and definitely could have used more work. The characters are mostly glossed over and seem to be there to serve specific functions, but never register as fleshed-out, “real”, multi-dimensional beings. Its biggest problem, however, was the sound, which was terrible. There was a lot of reverberation, and for me as non-native-speaker, I had a hard time understanding what the characters were saying – which obviously didn’t help matters. And even though it was only slightly over an hour, I was glad that it was over when it was. Overall, it’s more of a curiosity than a sleeper hit, and as impressed as I was that this was the result of just one man, I couldn’t stop asking myself what a professional animation crew could have made of it.


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