/slash ½ 2017 – Day 2: Prevenge

UK 2016
Written by Alice Lowe
Directed by Alice Lowe
Watched on 05.05.2017

“Prevenge” could almost be a sequel to “Sightseers”; in any case, it felt like a spiritual successor to what in my opinion still is Ben Wheatley’s best film so far. Written and directed by “Sightseers”‘ Alice Lowe, it’s a fantastic dark comedy, and the best film that I saw at this years “/slash ½”-Festival. Alice Lowe not only wrote a great script and did a splendid job directing it, she also (once more) gives a magnificent performance in the leading role. Once again, she perfectly captures the comedy as well as the tragedy that’s inherent in her character with impressive ease. She especially shines in the scenes that illustrate Ruth’s incredibly loneliness and despair. Despite her actions, she makes it easy for us to feel for her – especially when the motivation behind her dark deeds is finally revealed (something that Lowe, thankfully, lets the audience find out in their own time). There also was a sweet symbolism with the cutting of the cord (one life ends, another one begins). Furthermore, “Prevenge” offers up a couple of nice guest stars, some impressive shots, a great synthesizer-score, and many (darkly) funny scenes. Entertaining from start to finish, and equally funny and tragic, “Prevenge” is just the dark comedy of a murdering expectant mother that the world needed – without even knowing it.


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