/slash 2016 – Day 3: Spring Break Zombie Massacre

spring-break-zombie-massacreSpring Break Zombie Massacre
USA 2016
Written by Sam Suchmann & Mattie Zufelt
Directed by Robert Carnevale
Watched on 25.09.2016

It is really difficult for me to write about this movie, since there’s such a strong disparity between what I think about the idea behind it, and the result. I absolutely love the fact that these two guys with Down’s syndrome wrote and starred in this movie, and thus got the opportunity to live their dream, both behind and in front of the camera. I very much hope they’ll be able to continue to do so, and that this experience helped them feel more like a part of a society that unfortunately so often marginalizes them. Unfortunately, the fact that I loved the story behind the movie doesn’t necessarily mean that I also enjoyed the movie in its own right.

“Spring Break Zombie Massacre” goes on for just 45 minutes, and weirdly enough, it felt both too long and too short. Too long because after a while, the whole zombie, demons and devil-business got a little tiresome, and too short because we’re thrown into the proceedings without hardly getting to know any of the characters. There are also a couple of really weird choices, like having this zombie apocalypse take place over the course of many months, with life seemingly mostly uninterrupted. That was very strange. And of course, the way how Sam and Mattie portray woman is not ok – even though it’s very telling of the kind of society we live in. As much as I can understand their desire to be desired, I found that to be rather sad and tragic. Also, the movie is a little uneven, and also quite erratic at times. And the showdown was a little too weird for my taste. However, given the fact how much I appreciate that those two had a chance to make this movie – put in plain terms: They have just as much right to make bad movies with sexist undertones as the next guy – I have a hard time slamming it completely, even though I personally didn’t have much use for it. Thus, even though for me, it’s more of an oddity than a successful experiment in its own right, I very much recommend you watching it, even though it’s more to support the idea behind the movie, than the movie itself.


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