A short announcement

Sorry for making myself so scarce in the last couple of weeks. After finally catching up with all 2015-movies that I saw in the cinema, I was so pleased with myself that I kinda lost all motivation to continue, even though I had already seen a couple of movies in 2016. But I either felt hardly any need to write about them (since I didn’t really have to say that much), or said need was already satisfied by the reviews that I write for the german site fictionBOX. However, I recently saw three movies that I can’t wait to write about – thus, I decided to actually review the 2016-releases that I saw so far in reverse chronological order. The obsessive-compulsive part of me might protest and yell out in agony, but I feel that it’s the only way to finally get back my momentum before the slash 1/2-festival starts at the end of april. Thus, be on the lookout for reviews of such divisive movies as “Hardcore Henry” and “Batman v Superman”, with reviews to “10 Cloverfield Lane” and “Midnight Special” also coming up in the forseeable future. Thanks for sticking around! 🙂

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