Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016! Retrospection and outlook…

2016 is already four days old, and since I finally finished my Viennale-reviews a couple of days back, this is the perfect opportunity to take a look back on 2015 (blog-wise), and also share with you my plans for 2016.

I’ve written a similar post about a year back, and when I read it just now, I was shocked by how little of what I had planned I actually realized. I never did my Oscar-Roundup, there was no “Maynard and me”-column to share our cinematic exploits, and I’m so far from my goal of reviewing every new movie that I see, it’s not even funny. Hell, I didn’t even come around (yet) to posting reviews for all movies that I saw at the cinema last year! So like everybody who looks back in shame on his new year resolutions, for 2016 I decided to… lower my ambitions. Writing a review for every single movie that I see, as much as I’d love to do it, is simply unrealistic. Instead, I’ll focus on the movies that I see in the cinema (be it regularly, at film festivals, or special screenings), and will try to squeeze in the occasional “Movie-Flashback” as well as new releases that I watch at home.

So much for the bigger plan, here’s what you can expect in the following days and weeks: On Wednesday I’ll have my review of “The Revenant” for you, starting my 2016-reviews even before I’m done with my coverage of 2015 (because that’s just how I roll!). During the weekend I’ll present my Best of 2015-list (since no one will care about that when I wait until the end of January before posting it), and after I told you what my favorite movies of last year are, I’ll double back and finish my “At the movies 2015”-reviews. After that, I’ll do a quick 2015-roundup with a couple of reviews for movies that I want to talk about (even though I’m late to the party), as well as 1-2 big posts with very short comments about all the other 2015-releases that I’ve seen. Hopefully, I’ll be done with that until the end of January. After that, we’ll finally head straight into the new releases of 2016, as well as (hopefully) some Oscars-coverage.

WordPress tells me that I’ve published 146 blog posts in 2015. I’ll try to do better this year (after all, there is no try). As ever, I’m extremely grateful for every comment, share, like or view of my blog posts, and hope that you find my ramblings at least slightly entertaining. Onwards!

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