/slash 2015 – Day 3: Bunny the Killer Thing

Bunny the Killer ThingBunny the Killer Thing
Finland 2015
Written by Joonas Makkonen & Miika J. Norvanto
Directed by Joonas Makkonen
Watched on 15.09.2015

Joonas Makkonen was part of a panel discussion about indie horror filmmaking at this years /slash Filmfestival, and seemed like I really nice guy. Which is why writing this review was no fun at all – just like the movie, I’m afraid. Before I go on, I should once again point out that humor is a very subjective thing. And unfortunately, most of the gags in “Bunny the Killer Thing” didn’t work for me, and overall, I found the movie to be far too puerile for my taste.

Let’s start with the positive: It makes good use of the impressive finnish landscapes, and visually, it looks quite impressive – far better than I expected it for such a moderately budgeted affair. I liked some of the characters and their dynamics. Despite the fact that the humor mostly didn’t work for me, there actually were a handful of gags that at least mildly amused me. The acting is decent. And the twist at the end was so bonkers that I still can’t decide if I should applaud them or roll my eyes – but at least it was memorable. However, all of that ultimately doesn’t help a lot when I don’t find it all that funny. Everything with the bunny and his huge dick was just far too immature for me, and the whole plot was rather stupid. I also felt that in the middle part, there were almost too many different things going on, with the personal stuff between the group of friends, the three weird guys who they pick up and who have their own not-so-little secrets, and – of course – the huge killer bunny who wanders around, longing to – literally – eat pussy. In the matter of full disclosure, however, I should point out that I didn’t watch this in the theatre, but at home (thanks to a screener), and I think that this is one of the movies that works better with an audience. Thus, I wouldn’t discourage anyone from seeing it – preferably with the right crowd – especially since with comedies, more than anything, it boils down to individual taste. And I’m afraid that “Bunny the Killer Thing” hardly met mine.


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