/slash 2015 – Day 3: Some Kind of Hate

Some King of HateSome Kind of Hate
USA 2015
Written by Adam Egypt Mortimer & Brian DeLeeuw
Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer
Watched on 19.09.2015

“Some Kind of Hate” mixes a typical slasher-movie with a supernatural angle (well, more supernatural than your average unstoppable, invulnerable and unkillable killer) – a combination that might not work for everyone, but which (to my horror-layman mind) felt rather new and fresh to me. At its core is an anti-bullying-message that I definitely could approve of, and I also liked the interesting approach of the revenge-part. Contrary to, say, rape-and-revenge-thrillers we’re you’re supposed to root for the revenger, it’s not quite that clear-cut here, because some of Moira’s victims definitely didn’t deserve to die. Thus, it condemns the violence on both sides – something that I found quite interesting.

I also quite liked the way Moira kills her victims. She’s some kind of voodoo doll – if she hurts herself, she also hurts her victim. I found this approach quite interesting. Also, the kills themselves were quite bloody and brutal. I also loved the bullying-theme, which was something different from your “classical” rape-and-revenge. They did a pretty good job of depicting the typical dynamic that goes along with it, especially when it comes to the followers of the bully. I also quite liked the actors. I didn’t particularly care for Isaac as a character, but that’s not Spencer Breslin’s fault. Sierra McCormick also was quite good. The real standout for me, however, was Grace Phipps (who’s running around in ridiculously short hot pants – but I’m not complaining), who gave a very intense, varied and powerful performance. Unfortunately, there were also quite a few things that I didn’t like. My main complaint with the movie is that I couldn’t find anyone to root for. Isaac was arguably the protagonist that we were supposed to sympathize with, but I found him rather insufferable. Moira is just crazy and takes her revenge too far. And Kaitlin is more perpetrator than victim (even though the scene where she reveals her back story to Isaac was one of the highlights of the movie). Also, the movie drags along quite a bit, especially at the beginning. It took “Some Kind of Hate” far too long to get going, and by that time it had almost lost me. The slow buildup didn’t manage to grip me, and instead of drawing me in, it rather shut me out. Finally, I hate “Think it’s over? Think again!”-endings, since they’re completely overdone, thus nowadays, I simply find them worn out and annoying. Ultimately, I feel neither love nor hate towards “Some Kind of Hate”.


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