The Shape of Things to Come

Now that I’m finally done with my reviews of last year’s film festivals in Vienna, it’s time to turn my attention to 2015, and to give you a little preview of what to expect on my blog in the next couple of months. As I’ve stated previously, last year this blog was still in prototype-mode, used mostly for reviews of movies that I saw at film festivals. However, from now on, I plan to review every movie that I see (as long as I haven’t reviewed it for this site before, of course), starting from the beginning of 2015.

Two exceptions that prove the rule: 1.) At the end of each year, I hold a movie marathon in order to catch up on some new releases that I missed when they ran in the cinema (in order to make my Best Of-list as informed as possible). For example, at the end of 2014, I watched 34 movies in 6 days. No way I’ll be able to review all of those, come December 2015. Thus, most of these will fall through the cracks. 2.) While I try to review all the movies that I’ve seen as chronological as possible, new releases that I’ve seen in the cinema will always have the highest priority. So for example, if I’m in the middle of reviewing the movies that I watched on the day of the Oscar telecast, and then go to the cinema to see “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”, the latter will get precedence.

In order to make it all a little bit more manageable, I will create new categories to go along with the already established categories for both movie festivals, “/slash” and “Viennale”. So far, those are:

At the Movies
All new movie releases that I watch in the cinema, beginning with January 2015, and in chronological order. This category takes precedence over all others, meaning that I’ll review my visits to the cinema first, and also that if a movie would also fit into another category (like “Oscar Warm-Up”), it will be included here.

Birthday Celebrations
Despite me making it plain that I didn’t want any presents, some of my friends still insisted on giving me some cinematic gifts. Those will be reviewed in this category, which will also include the two movies that I watched as my private birthday film festival.

Oscar Warm-Up
Every year, I prepare myself for the Oscar-telecast by spending the day before watching movies. It’s usually one classic film that I’ve never seen before, and then a couple of newer ones that I haven’t seen in a while. Also included will be all the Best Picture nominees that weren’t already reviewed in one of the other categories.

Maynard & Me
Ever since Maynard needed a place to stay for last years “/slash 1-1/2” film festival, he comes to visit me on an irregular basis (I strongly suspect that it’s not due to my irresistible charm, but rather my three cats), and as two huge movie geeks, we of course usually spend those watching films. This category will brave our movie shenanigans, and will also include a link to his review of the movie (if available).

Movie Mishmash
Finally, if I watch a movie at home, and it doesn’t really fit any of these (or yet-to-be-conceived) categories, it will be included here.

In the future, there may also be some other articles, other than movie reviews (like there already were in the past, occasionally, like my short obituary for Leonard Nimoy), but before I can even think about what those might be, I first have to catch up with the movies that I’ve seen in 2015 so far.

Lastly, I once again want to express how grateful I am for every follow, visit, share, like and/or comment. I hope you all will continue to do so, and that you’ll enjoy reading my reviews at least as much as I do writing them. Onward!

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