/slash 2014 – Day 9: WolfCop

Canada 2014
Written by Lowell Dean & Bannister Bergen
Directed by Lowell Dean


The idea behind “WolfCop” sounded rather promising, but unfortunately, the final product was a rather tame affair. The premise of a werewolf-cop sounded cool, and those scenes are definitely the highlight of the movie. Unfortunately, they only account for about 10 minutes of this furry mess. The rest is a weird hodgepodge of ideas that includes shape shifters and satanic rituals, and that didn’t really come together in any coherent and/or convincing way. The story was very predictable, the characters one-note (for example, Lou’s only noticeable character trait is that he drinks a lot), and the showdown was also more of a letdown. That said… I liked the Wolf Cop-makeup, there are a couple of nice gags, and the performances range from ok to rather good. Overall, it’s not bad enough to cry wolf, but also by far not good enough to be over the moon with.


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