/slash 2014: And so it begins…

First things first: A huge thank you to everyone who liked my posts or started following my blog in the last couple of days! 🙂 Fair warning, though: My taste in movies can be somewhat… special. Still, I hope that even though you will definitely not always agree with me, you will at least always understand why I formed my particular opinion.

After my preludes, a lot of preparation, and a huge buildup of anticipation, the fifth /slash Filmfestival finally starts today. It’s gonna be a wild, crazy ride… and also a ridiculously busy 11 days. You can expect a review of todays opening night screening “Im Keller” tomorrow… but after that, all bets are off. I might manage to squeeze out 1-2 reviews on Saturday and Sunday in the “morning” before I leave again for the cinema, but chances are I’ll sleep in for as long as I can; in that case, further reviews will appear starting next monday. Here’s an alphabetical list of the 36 movies that I’m gonna see and write about within the next couple of days:

Afflicted • Alleluia • Among the Living • Die Gstettnsaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl • Escape from Tomorrow • Honeymoon • Housebound • Im Keller • Inside • It Follows • Jamie Marks Is Dead • Killers • Knights of Badassdom • La Danza De La Realidad • Late Phases • Live • Oculus • Patema Inverted • Puzzle • R100 • Stage Fright • Starry Eyes • Suburban Gothic • The ABCs of Death 2 • The Babadook • The Canal • The Midnight After • The Tale of Princess Kaguya • The Toxic Avenger • These Final Hours • What We Do in the Shadows • Wolf Creek 2 • Wolfcop • and 3 surprise movies!

Here’s a link to the screening schedule -> 11 Days of Horror.

After I’m finally done working off all those movie reviews, there will also be a 5-part “aftermath to /slash” to go along with my prelude. But that’s still a long way off. Also, be sure to check out my fellow bloggers Kalafudra and Maynard, who will also write movie reviews for this years /slash Filmfestival, for a different take on those films, as well as some movies from this years programming that I’ll skip for quality of life- or simple scheduling conflict-reasons.

Happy /slashing!

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1 Response to /slash 2014: And so it begins…

  1. kalafudra says:

    Thanks for the shoutout! But it will take me until after the festival to write my festival reviews (even if I manage to write two reviews a day, which is currently the plan – I have a lot of catching up to do). That doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth coming to my blog anyway. 😉

    [Oh, and btw: I saw your message only after we saw each other in the Gartenbau yesterday – I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t reply. ;)]

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