/slash ½ 2017 – Day 3: The Misandrists

The Misandrists
Germany 2017
Written by Bruce La Bruce
Directed by Bruce La Bruce
Watched on 07.05.2017

I can’t remember ever seeing a movie which, from a political point of view, was so much up my alley, but still managed to irritate me almost entirely. It’s obvious that Bruce La Bruce’s sensibilities and mine – as much as we might agree on a political level –couldn’t be further apart from each other. The result is that, from start to finish, I simply didn’t know that to do with and/or make of this movie. “The Misandrists” seems like it was made for 10 dollars, and it shows. It’s very cheaply – and badly – shot, the acting is laughable, the sets unimpressive, and so on. However, if I like a story, I’m more than willing – and able – to look past things like that. Unfortunately, with “The Misandrists”, I simply never found my way into the movie. The story feels like a rip-off of “The Beguiled”, but without its most interesting aspects. There was not one character I could relate to, thus it bored me rather quickly. Also, even though it’s clearly a Farce and not meant to be taken seriously, I found the way Bruce portrayed these feminists as men-hating bra-burners (which is in line with the picture some men have of feminists in general) rather problematic (and also in conflict with the political message it seemingly wanted to convey). Granted, there was a handful of nice ideas (like the symbol of the order) and quotes, but that – and all the naked flesh – couldn’t save it for me. A classic case of a movie that tries really hard but fails miserably (and completely), “The Misandrists” bored me to tears. It was the first picture that I saw of Bruce La Bruce, and most certainly will also be my last.


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